Greens award SNP, Lib Dems and Tories gold medals for hypocrisy

Green sports spokesperson Alison Johnstone today condemned a series of emergency motions from Lib Dem, SNP and Conservative councillors, all congratulating Chris Hoy on his three gold medals.

Councillor Johnstone said:

“This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. Councillors Brock, Thomas and Buchan all voted for the sale of land at Meadowbank for housing, in the full knowledge that it would mean demolition of the velodrome.

Hypocrisy is clearly a team event, and the three of them have today claimed the gold medal.

“Councillor Brock’s motion asks Council to call “for a report to examine other ways in which the city might further acknowledge Chris Hoy’s extraordinary sporting achievements. The first thing they should do would be to overturn their disgraceful plans for Meadowbank, and to upgrade and maintain all our sports facilities.

“Despite Chris Hoy’s incredible one-man record haul, there aren’t as many Scots involved in the Games as there should be. This is hardly surprising, given the neglect and disregard this adminstration have shown towards sporting facilities.

“Chris Hoy has repeatedly said that without the Meadowbank velodrome he and other international cyclists would never have become involved in cycling. Given the increased interest sparked by the team’s outstanding performances, the administration must now revise its money-grabbing and short-sighted plans to demolish the velodrome.

Future Chris Hoys are depending on it.”