Development plan is “developer greed above city housing need”

Green councillors have slammed the Edinburgh Local Development Plan passed by a special meeting of Planning Committee today (19 June).

The LDP will see large tranches of greenbelt land sacrificed for new suburban housing development despite heavy criticism that too much land was being allocated and widespread objections from the public and community groups.

Green member of the Planning Committee, Cllr Nigel Bagshaw, proposed an amendment to focus development on existing brownfield sites, empty properties and to seek more compact development, but was defeated.

Cllr Bagshaw said

“I am very frustrated by today’s decision which I believe is based on taking at face value what developers want rather than what the city needs. Yes, Edinburgh urgently needs more affordable housing, but well-connected to existing services, transport and communities, not spread out in more suburban sprawl.

“The Local Development Plan puts developer greed above housing need.”