Local Development Plan under the spotlight

Edinburgh Greens are seeking alternatives to what they dub a “grow-grow-grow” plan for Edinburgh.

At a meeting open to the public this Thursday evening (26 September) the Greens will examine the draft Local Development Plan for the city, which is due to go live in 2015.

The Plan sets out the big picture for land use in the city in light of a projected growth of 68,000 households through to 2031.  To date there has been controversy about the potential loss of greenbelt land to the south and west of the city.  The Plan also nestles within the so-called “SESPlan” which sets the context for the wider city region and has increased the land allocation for housing to over 100,000.  SESPlan is due to be discussed between all councils in the south east of Scotland next Monday (30 September).

Green councillor Nigel Bagshaw said:

“The Local Development Plan is central to how Edinburgh will be shaped over the next 20 years.  There’s a fundamental question to be addressed as to how big we want Edinburgh to be and what the consequences are for greenbelt, agriculture, transport links and the future design of neighbourhoods.

“Beyond those questions, the city needs to do more to make better use of existing sites and existing empty properties; and to make sure that new homes are affordable and in sufficient density to support local services like shops, healthcare and public transport.

“Future generations won’t thank us for making the wrong choices now.”

The meeting is at 7.30pm on Thursday 26 September at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace.  All members of the public are very welcome.