Greens select Lorna Slater as candidate for Leith Walk by election

Greens in Edinburgh have announced their candidate, Lorna Slater, for the Leith Walk council by-election on 11 April

Edinburgh Greens say that voters face a straight choice between a Green councillor who will stand up for the area versus SNP/Labour candidates who will be forced to toe the council line.

Lorna, who stood as Green candidate for the area in the Westminster election in 2017, is an experienced engineer in the renewable energy sector. She has lived in Leith Walk for 10 years and has recently returned from Antarctica where she studied climate change with a group of leading women working in science and technology.

Having secured the nomination Lorna said:

“I’m delighted to have been selected by members to be the Green candidate in Leith Walk. And I’m committed to working closely with existing Green councillor Susan Rae to fight for what people in Leith Walk need.

“I’m passionate about improving transport links in the area, for everyone, with safe cycling and walking and the best tram and bus service in the city. I want to see more affordable homes and reverse the tide of holiday lets. And I’m determined to protect and improve local facilities from parks to local shops.”

The by-election is for one of the four councillor slots vacated by the sudden resignation of Cllr Marion Donaldson in February. One of the three remaining councillors is Green Susan Rae. She said:

“On 11 April voters have a clear choice. Lib Dems and Tories are out of the picture here so it is a three horse race between the Greens, SNP and Labour. That’s between a Green candidate who can fight for what Leith Walk needs and two candidates whose parties already control the council and so will have to toe the party line.

“With Lorna and I working as a team, Leith Walk gets a Green councillor team who are part of a global movement tackling climate change, who are passionate about tackling poverty here at home, and who are proud to be in a Scotland standing on our own two feet as a member of the European Union.”