Greens select candidate for Liberton-Gilmerton by-election

Edinburgh Greens have chosen Alys Mumford to contest the Liberton-Gilmerton by-election on 20 June.

Alys is 24 years old and is currently the director of Jubilee Scotland, a charity which campaigns on third world debt. She lives in the south of the city.

Alys said:

“This by-election takes place a year after the election of an expanded group of Green councillors in the City Chambers and a year of considerable campaigning success – from bedroom tax to better cycling and from school and swimming pool closures to challenging a “we know best” culture . It is also a year where our national messages of a radically different kind of Scotland have made a real impact, of social justice both here and across the world.

“I want to take those and other messages to people in Liberton-Gilmerton and I am confident that they will strike a chord.”

She also paid tribute to former councillor Tom Buchanan whose untimely death has led to the by-election, saying:

“Tom was a popular and well-regarded local councillor and will be a hard act to follow. I cannot promise to be the same councillor as Tom was but I share his passion for making the local economy work in the interests of people and I am committed to working just as hard and listening intently to what local people want me to do.”