Liberal Democrats challenged over misleading leaflet in Edinburgh

Last night Elaine Morrison, the Scottish Green Party’s lead candidate for the European elections, challenged Lib Dem candidate George Lyon over the accuracy of his party’s publicity material, especially the leaflets issued in Edinburgh North and Leith.

Their leaflet states:

“Elections in Edinburgh North and Leith are always a close finish between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party.” (1)

In fact, in the last European election in 2004, while Labour topped the poll with 22.9%, the Scottish Green Party came second with 17.3%. (2) The Liberal Democrats came fourth behind the Conservatives.

Scottish Green Party Euro candidate Elaine Morrison said:

“All parties must take care with the truth as they make their case to the electorate. We need a robust level of political debate, and I don’t shy away from that. With confidence in the main parties now at a record low, politicians must be held to account, by other parties, by the media and above all by the electorate.

“However, on this occasion, the Liberal Democrats have gone too far, and they have attempted to mislead the public. Last time people in Edinburgh North and Leith voted in a European election, the Scottish Greens came second, less than 6% behind Labour. No amount of spin can make that “a close finish between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party”. Now, more than ever, the public demand honest politicians, and they therefore have a clear choice to make on Thursday.”


1. Copy of the leaflet available on request.

2. See: