Green candidate urges West Lothian to continue the local food revolution

A Green candidate for Holyrood has urged consumers and producers in West Lothian to continue the local food revolution.

Alison Johnstone, the top Green candidate for Lothian for the Scottish election, is visiting Linlithgow farmers market this Saturday (23 April) to meet and talk to both consumers and producers about what more can be done to promote local food.

Alison, who needs only 6% of second votes in the Holyrood poll to succeed retiring MSP, Robin Harper, said:

“Ten years ago, farmers markets were still in their infancy.  The fact that they have blossomed so much is evidence of the huge appetite that people have to enjoy local, seasonal and organic food.  It is better for health, better for local economies and reduces energy wasted transporting food across the planet. And it tastes better too!

“So I am delighted that Transition Linlithgow has been one of the many groups to get funding from the Green MSPs’ Climate Challenge Fund and that the group has used some of that funding to push the merits of local food.

“But, as Green MSP for Lothian, there is so much more that I would do to help the local food movement. Getting councils, schools and hospitals to buy local food would be a start.  Protecting green space for community gardens and allotments is another step.  And our proposed £80 million annual support fund for small farm businesses would boost local production here in West Lothian.

“With Green backing, West Lothian really could be at the forefront of the local food revolution.”

Peter Roberts, Chair of Transition Linlithgow added:

“We are committed to developing more local sustainable food chain and we look to all political parties to promote the broader resilience agenda. At Transition Linlithgow we are encouraging our local community to grow and consume more local and seasonal produce and will work with all the relevant agencies to achieve this.”