Edinburgh can be a world leader on climate change: Greens launch manifesto for City Council Election

Edinburgh could light the way towards the model green city of the future.

That is the claim from Edinburgh Greens as the party launches its local manifesto today (Saturday, 14 April).  Read the Evening News feature and see further below.

The Greens are standing in every council ward in Edinburgh for the first time and are confident of taking between 4 and 8 seats in the city chambers as a result of the new fairer voting system.  They point out that in previous elections using fair votes they have had up to 17% of votes city-wide, well within the total needed to elect councillors.

The party’s co-convenor and City Centre candidate is Gavin Corbett, a well-known housing campaigner.  He said:

“Edinburgh is justly famous as a cultural capital and a leader in areas such as scientific research and finance.  But Greens have a vision of the city as a world leader in another area – tackling climate change.  There are tens of thousands of citizens who are passionately concerned about the future of Edinburgh and its impact on the planet.  We are inviting them to make common cause with us this May, tackling waste, reshaping the way we use energy and delivering real quality of life into the bargain.”

Former international runner, Alison Johnstone, who is standing in Meadows/Morningside ward, added:

“Our city sometimes feels as if it is under siege, with new developments quite at odds with the needs of their areas; threats to sports and leisure facilities; and our precious green spaces seen only as development opportunities.  Greens will stand shoulder to shoulder with campaigns to protect and enhance what makes Edinburgh special.”

Among the pledges in the manifesto are:

– Dramatic reductions in carbon emissions through a new drive on energy supply and energy efficiency.

– The aim of making Edinburgh a zero waste city.

– A Green “purchasing” guide for public sector staff to support local businesses.

– A programme of transport improvements to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads.

– Planning policy to prioritise new affordable housing rather than offices.

– Opening up schools to fuller community use and pioneering renewable energy.

The party also pledges a “green homes health check”, free to everyone who requests it and a commitment to new, positive ways of working across political parties.


Notes to Editor

1. The manifesto is available at www.edinburghgreens.org.uk.  Go to the policy section.  There is also a full list of candidates there with biographies and contact details.

2. Photographs of candidates are available by phoning Jill Boulton 07919 210126