Lothian Green MSP to Support Trump Court Case

Tomorrow Robin Harper MSP will attend Edinburgh’s High Court to support the latest legal efforts to secure access to justice for Molly Forbes, one of the Menie residents threatened with compulsory purchase and eviction by the Trump Organisation and Aberdeenshire Council despite a groundswell of public opposition to this move.

Molly, 86, will tomorrow find out whether she will have pay legal expenses to Aberdeenshire Council and Trump International. Last year ownership of an acre of land belonging to Molly’s son Michael Forbes – the so-called Bunker – was transferred to Robin Harper and a group of others, including Lord Puttnam and Green MP Caroline Lucas, in a move designed to hamper any future eviction on Mr Trump’s behalf.

Robin Harper MSP said:

“This case is clear-cut for me. Molly, just like her family and the other families living on the Menie Estate, should have the right to stay in her own home if she wishes to do so. Mr Trump’s bullying approach to the local community has been aided and abetted by the Aberdeenshire Council administration, SNP Ministers, and their officials. It’s time for the courts to take a stand and prove that access to Scottish justice isn’t only for the rich.

“The local residents need certainty and reassurance, not the kind of high-handed disregard they have been shown by the Scottish establishment from the First Minister downwards. I am pleased to be able to offer my support to Molly and to the many others who just wish to live without the cloud of eviction hanging over them.”