Greens Confirm Lothian Candidates For Holyrood Election

The Scottish Greens tonight (1 April) confirmed the lists of MSP candidates being fielded in Lothian for the Scottish Parliament election on 5 May.

In addition to standing on the regional lists, the party is contesting three first-past-the-post constituencies, including Edinburgh Central, where Alison Johnstone, Green MSP since 2011, is standing.

The Scottish Greens are campaigning for a better Scotland, a bolder Holyrood and are polling strongly on the regional vote, suggesting Green MSPs will be elected from across eight regions in Scotland with party hopes also high that acclaimed land reform expert, Andy Wightman, will join Alison Johnstone as a second Green MSP in Lothian. The party has enjoyed a membership surge to over 9,000 and co-convener Patrick Harvie is rated the most popular Holyrood opposition leader in public polling.

The Lothian list is as follows:

Alison Johnstone (also contesting Edinburgh Central constituency)
Andy Wightman
Lorna Slater
Peter McColl
Alys Mumford
Steve Burgess
Pat Black
Chas Booth
Dan Heap