Warning over late night McEdinburgh

Green councillors have warned of a creeping culture of late night fast food in Edinburgh which defies the policy set by the Council on closing hours for different areas.

Green councillor Gavin Corbett explained:

“I first came across this problem in my own ward when a MacDonalds on Gorgie Road recently applied for a licence to serve food until 5am. I have submitted an
objection on the basis that it is a residential area and I was worried about late night noise, anti-social behaviour and litter. I knew that the Council Committee which oversees such matters had recently agreed to review late night-catering policy but, in the meantime, that policy on closing times would be strictly kept to. So I was confident that the application for a 5am licence would be turned down.

“I was surprised, however, when, only last week, an application for a MacDonalds near Seafield to trade as a drive-through until 5am was approved despite the
policy of the Council. And then I found out that a further 3 MacDonalds, had or were about to apply for licences to trade until 5am 7 days a week despite the
policy that they should all be closed between 12 midnight and 2am.”

Cllr Corbett stressed that MacDonalds were operating entirely within the rules – it is the Council which is taking a very liberal approach to implementing its own
policy. He went on:

“This begs some bigger questions. What is the point of having policies if we waive them at the first whiff of a Big Mac? And what does it say about our aspirations for a fitter, healthier capital if we let this trend continue without agreeing that this is indeed the kind of cafe culture we want?”

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