The Scottish Green Party has described Midlothian Council’s decision to ban lamppost election posters as an attempt to marginalise smaller parties.

The move, which was backed by all the main parties on the council, was proposed on health and safety grounds.

Spokesman for the Greens in Midlothian, Ian Baxter said,

“I do not believe for one moment this is about health and safety. I think it probably has more to do with the Midlothian Labour Party’s difficulty in finding people to go up any ladders following the catastrophic drop in membership of the Labour Party under Tony Blair”.

“At the last elections a year ago, the Greens had more posters on the lampposts of Bonnyrigg, Lasswade and Poltonhall than any of the other parties by far. The main parties, Labour in particular, try every way they can to squeeze out the Greens and the other small parties. The cynical move by Labour councillors to impose unproportional three-member wards throughout Midlothian is perhaps the best example.

At last year’s elections, I knocked on over 1,000 households in Bonnyrigg – far more than any other candidate. I fully expect them to ban that next”.


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