Greens in climate change message for 2007

THE two Green MSPs for the Lothians today said next year’s elections are the “biggest opportunity” for city residents to tackle climate change.

In a New Year message, Robin Harper and Mark Ballard said they were pleased other parties are talking about the environment, but insisted only the Greens can deliver the policy changes to protect Scotland from “climate change chaos”.

Mr Harper said: “It promises to be an exciting year, hopefully the greenest year ever with the May elections bringing the prospect of more Green MSPs across the country, and Green councillors in Edinburgh as well as in other local authorities.

“Climate change is with us, and now is the time to act decisively if we are to prevent it devastating our economy and quality of life.”

Mr Ballard added: “In 2007, people will be able to choose between parties that make promises one side of an election and do the opposite afterwards, or to vote for the party that is really serious about changing Scotland for the better.”