Edinburgh’s councillors hail Green gains

Edinburgh’s Green councillors have hailed the success of colleagues in England as offering inspiration for further advances north of the Border.

Edinburgh Green Group convenor, Cllr Alison Johnstone, has singled out the rise of the Norwich Greens.  Following local elections last week, Green councillors are now the second largest group in that city, overtaking the Liberal Democrats and only two seats behind the minority Labour administration.  For the first time the Greens outpolled Labour across the city and in the target parliamentary constituency of Norwich South, held by former minister, Charles Clark, which is now on course to elect the first Green MP.

In a message to Norwich Greens, Cllr Johnstone said:

“Once again we have seen the number of Green councillors increase south of the border.

“Media attention has, predictably, focused on modest advances made by the BNP in tiny areas where they have stirred up racial tension.  In contrast, Greens have made gains across the country and by sticking to a positive upbeat message.

“The unstoppable rise in the Norwich Green group from 10 to 13 councillors offers us real inspiration here in Edinburgh.  You don’t get to that position simply by appealing to a small band of core supporters.  In Norwich, Greens have shown that they can appeal to all parts of the population.  Over the next 3 years that is what Greens in Edinburgh will increasingly be doing.


1. Full details of the Norwich success can be found here: