Greens will sell off truly useless assets

Greens in Edinburgh have proposed selling off the numberplate to the Lord Provost’s car, valued at £500,000.

Edinburgh Greens have pledged to sell off some of the council’s most useless assets and continue to protect those that really matter to communities.

The Greens want the Council to conduct a comprehensive review of its ‘civic assets’, a list which is known to include a single numberplate worth an estimated £500,000.

Cllr Burgess, Green councillor for Southside / Newington ward said,

“With council funding being cut and public facilities being closed down, now is the right time to sell off the Council’s truly useless assets and raise much needed  funds to invest for everyone’s benefit. Any Council that is hoarding a numberplate worth half a million pounds has got its priorities wrong.

“During our first period on the Council, Greens have fought hard to protect public assets that people really value, such as leisure facilities and nurseries. Any way to bring in funding to support these sorts of public services has got to be worth a serious look.”Green councillor Steve Burgess said:

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