Green councillors slam decision to restrict climate strikers to one event a year

Green councillors have criticised a decision by the majority of Education Committee members today to limit school climate strikers to only one authorised absence a year.

Green councillor Steve Burgess, tabled an alternative proposal which kept options more open. He said:

“To place an arbitrary limit on it at this stage does not appear to be responding appropriately to young people.

“Let’s keep an open mind and do it on a case-by-case basis.”

Sandy Boyd, a youth climate activist from Trinity Academy, said the committee decision was “morally wrong”.

He added:

“The youth climate strike movement has brought change across the world.

“It will stop this progress dead in its tracks. You are trying to suppress young people’s opinions on matters that will affect young people.

“We are imploring this council to allow us authorised absence to pressure governments – finally, we are seeing some action.

“The educational value of taking part in these events is massive. It’s building a society that we want to see. We will keep doing them until we see change.”

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