Cheaper all-day parking irresponsible say Greens

The Lib-Dem / SNP Administration’s move to reduce charges for all day, 9-hour parking across the Capital came under fire from Green councillors this morning at a meeting of the Council’s Transport Committee [1].

Steve BurgegssGreens point out that reducing parking charges from £5.50 to £3 per day will encourage additional commuter parking and bring more traffic into the City centre (including through Air Quality Management Areas currently breaking EU standards for air pollution), increase congestion and worsen pollution harming the health of residents and contributing to climate change.

Green Councillor Steve Burgess said;

‘This is an irresponsible policy running completely counter to the City’s supposed transport vision of reducing car trips.

‘With traffic clogging our streets and causing congestion and pollution the Council should be encouraging commuters to use the Park & Ride or take public transport.  But because it will now be only 40p more to drive into the City to park, compared to using Park & Ride, this entirely undermines the Council’s own aim of reducing commuter traffic [2].

‘It seems to be a way of raising more parking revenue, never mind the consequences.’



[2] Local Transport Strategy 2007-12 Parking Strategy, Objective (ii) *Ensure that parking provision does not encourage commuter car travel.*