Trust in city council long way to go, say Greens

Overall high levels of reported satisfaction with the city council mask significant falls in how the council is performing and is perceived.

That is according to the city’s Green councillor group. Responding to the release of the Edinburgh People’s survey today the Greens have highlighted disappointing falls between 2012 and 2013:

– Satisfaction with leisure facilities, parks, recycling, waste, public transport, street cleaning, pavements and roads all down.
– People agreeing that the council cares about the environment (down from 83.5% to 77.5%) and for vulnerable people (down from 73% to 58.2%)
– People feeling informed about spending: down to 36.4% from 44.8%
– People feeling that residents views are taken into account: down to 40.4% from 54.8%
– Perception of the council as financially prudent: down to 26.2% from 39.1%

Steve BurgegssGreen Group Convenor, Cllr Steve Burgess said:

“Last year council leaders heralded big jumps in satisfaction ratings from the annual survey. At the time many of us thought that the scale of the increases were too good to be true.

“So it seems this year, with the council back to earth with a bump, with reduced satisfaction in bread and butter services like recycling, waste, pavements and street cleaning. And there’s much more significant falls in the way people believe the council listens to them, deals with finance and provides information. Worryingly, only 40% of people think the council takes their views into account and only a quarter think the council is good with money.

“There’s a long way to go still in building faith in the council as a caring, listening and effective organisation.”