Greens call on Council to reveal phone mast sites

MEADOWS and Morningside Greens are so concerned over the incidence of mobile phone masts being sited near schools that they have asked Edinburgh Council to reveal which sites have been earmarked.

Greens have submitted a Freedom of Information request [1] to the council, which will force it to disclose where masts could be sited in the future.

The request was made as the City Council gave the go-ahead for a second telecoms mast to be sited near George Watson’s College.

Vodafone will erect a second mast near the junction of Colinton Road and Polwarth Terrace – just 36 metres away from an existing telecoms pole.

Alison Johnstone, who is standing for the Greens in Meadows and Morningside in the forthcoming City Council election, has called for the masts to be placed away from schools until more is known about their health effects.

Ms Johnstone said: “Until we know for certain that there is absolutely no risk to health from these masts, we should adopt the precutionary principle and keep them away from schools.

“Vodafone and the Council must be very confident that these masts are not harmful, to be siting a second mast so close to this school and the children’s playing fields.

“The schools are in effect being bribed by the mobile phone companies and the children are being used as guinea pigs. No one knows what effect these masts have on the long-term health of our children.â€?

This week, the council revealed that four schools have received a total of £80,000 from mobile phone firms by agreeing to host transmitters on their roofs.

More Edinburgh schools are being paid to host mobile phone masts than anywhere else in Scotland.


[1] The Freedom of Information request will force the council to provide a list of properties owned by the council that have been selected for the masts, as well as the companies siting the masts and the amount of cash involved.

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