Bid to Make Capital Plastic Bag Free

Green councillor and top Holyrood candidate, Alison Johnstone, has today announced a new bid to make Edinburgh plastic bag free.

As reported in the Edinburgh Evening News today, Alison has teamed up with campaigner, Gordon Millar, to seek to persuade the City Council to back the bid.

She said she planned to put a motion to the first Council meeting of 2011, urging it to adopt several measures, including a city-wide bonus bag scheme modelled on the successful scheme run by Greener Leith.

Alison said:

“Three years ago I asked for a City Council report into the possibility of Edinburgh becoming Scotland’s first plastic bag free city.  I received a negative response at the time but it seems clear that the City Council is lagging behind public opinion.

“There’s a real willingness from the public to start addressing this issue.  More and more people are using sustainable bags and I think the Council should be a bit braver and help lead the way.

“Among the things that the motion will call for will be to highlight the work of Greener Leith on plastic bags and suggest looking at how this can be rolled out across the city.”

Gordon Millar added that the move would cut pollution and carbon emissions, saying:

“The first thing we want to do is raise awareness.  This issue is a metaphor for our unsustainable consumption.”

Go to the campaign website for more details.