Green MSP adds voice to concern over Portobello Supermarket

Alison Johnstone, Green MSP for Lothian has added her voice to the clamour of concern over the arrival of Sainsbury to Portobello High Street, saying:

“After people in Portobello succeeded in fighting off an earlier supermarket development that would have ruined High Street trade this sneaky takeover is galling. I’m sure many people in the area will continue to support the superb range of local, independent retailers that directly benefit the area’s economy.

“Sadly, across Edinburgh, we’ve seen the creeping presence of corporate interests that restrict choice by squeezing independent traders out of business. Are we not at saturation point?

“Retail giants like Sainsbury’s have too much power, pushing small and medium sized retailers to the wall. Supermarkets are also in the dubious habit of donating large sums to the big political parties who conveniently do nothing to challenge their dominance.

“As an Edinburgh councillor I successfully moved a motion to investigate whether we could ask for planning permission to be sought before this sort of sneaky takeover takes place. Last I heard the council had written to the Scottish Government and were waiting for a response.”