Green Lothians Holyrood candidate Mark Ballard will join local activists today (April 12) and pledge his support for the Queensferry Residents Against Another Forth Crossing campaign.

Local residents recently launched a petition against a second crossing, urging the Executive to reconsider their decision to proceed with it, a decision made by Labour and LibDems despite results from studies on the existing bridge not yet being made public.

They are concerned that spending billions doubling the road capacity across the Forth will massively increase traffic congestion and pollution, while doing nothing to improve public transport to and from Fife.

Local resident Bruce Whitehead, who is leading the campaign, said: “So far our campaign has attracted the support of over 400 local residents. This shows the very real local concern, and we welcome the support from the Greens for our campaign. A replacement bridge may be needed at some point but for Labour and LibDems to plough billions into an additional crossing now, before they have seen the full results of the reports that they commissioned, simply beggars belief.”

Green MSP Candidate and the Party’s speaker on transport Mark Ballard said: “I fully support this campaign from the residents of South Queensferry. Waiting for the final results of the studies would have allowed for informed debate and a decision based on facts. If the studies show that the existing bridge is nearing the end of its life, then of course we will support a replacement, but an additional bridge is unnecessary and costly, diverting resources away from public transport. It will also lead to further congestion and air pollution for the residents of South Queensferry and West of Edinburgh.”

Lothians MSP candidates Robin Harper and Ruth Cameron, along with Jill Boulton, the Greens local council candidate for the Almond ward, which includes South Queensferry, have also added their names in support of the petition.


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