Greens celebrate record result in council elections

Greens in Edinburgh are celebrating gains in the city council elections on 4 May. Starting the day with 5 councillors, the party increased its tally to eight, with new councillors Claire Miller, Susan Rae, Mary Campbell and Alex Staniforth joining the existing team of Steve Burgess, Melanie Main, Gavin Corbett and Chas Booth.

Amidst the successes, the Greens also recognised disappointments like the loss of Nigel Bagshaw’s Inverleith seat and Sighthill-Gorgie candidate Dan Heap coming within a whisker of unseating Lord Provost Donald Wilson.

Cllr Steve Burgess said:

“Green support in Edinburgh continues to rise once again. Against a backdrop of a heated general election and an attempt by some parties to divert voters away from vital council issues, voters took a look at hard-working, community-focused Green candidates and backed them.

Newly elected City Centre Councillor Claire Miller added:

“Our focus over the coming days, weeks and years will be to work tirelessly on the priorities we put to the people of Edinburgh: better transport, improved social care, making housing affordable, protecting Green space and handing power to residents and communities.

“Our larger team can’t wait to get started.”