Greens have for the first time won seats on City of Edinburgh Council and have pledged to do their utmost to make the city a leader in the fight against climate change.

The party won seats in Meadows//Morningside, Leith Walk and Southside/Newington wards.

Alison Johnstone, who will represent Meadows/Morningside Ward, said:

“This is an historic day for this city. All over the world the Green movement is growing and, in Edinburgh, thousands of people have been Green supporters for years but their views have been ignored because of an unfair voting system. At last we can start making Edinburgh a leader in the fight against climate change – by tackling waste, reshaping the way we use energy and delivering real quality of life into the bargain.

“We will work with our Council colleagues to deliver Green action where before there have been just green words. As councillors, we will be able to hold the other parties to account and expose those who would bargain away our future.�

Joining Ms Johnstone in the new Green group of councillors will be Steve Burgess in Southside/Newington, and Maggie Chapman in Leith Walk. 

Mr Burgess said: “The backdrop to this election has been a difficult one for emerging parties like the Greens.  But our success in Edinburgh shows that there is real appetite for Green policies.  I look forward to the next set of elections where we will add to our representation in Edinburgh.�

The Greens stood in every council ward in Edinburgh for the first time. In previous elections using fair votes they have had up to 14% of votes city-wide, well within the total needed to elect councillors.

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