Scottish Parliament Election Results in Lothian

The polls have now closed for the Scottish Parliament election 2016. 2 Green MSPs for Lothian!

Lothian list result: 3 Conservative, 2 Labour, 2 Green.  Green vote 34,551 votes, electing Alison Johnstone and Andy Wightman.

Breakdown of Green regional list vote by area as follows:

  • Edinburgh Central: 17.0%
  • Edinburgh Eastern 11.5%
  • Edinburgh Northern and Leith 18.1%
  • Edinburgh Pentland 7.0%
  • Edinburgh Southern 16.8%
  • Edinburgh Western 6.9%
  • Midlothian North and Musselburgh 7.3%
  • Almond Valley 4.6%
  • Linlithgow 5.6%

TOTAL Green vote: 10.6%

Constituency results

Edinburgh Central result: Conservative gain from SNP.

Edinburgh Eastern result: SNP hold

Edinburgh Northern and Leith result: SNP gain from Labour

Edinburgh Pentlands result: SNP hold

Edinburgh Southern result: Labour gain from SNP

Edinburgh Western result: Lib Dem gain from SNP