School Closures: Greens Demand Answers

Following the emergency closure of Oxgangs Primary School in Edinburgh on Tuesday the city council has now closed a further 3 schools: Firrhill High School, St. Peter’s Primary and Braidburn Special School amid concerns about wall construction safety.

Cllr Melanie Main, education spokesperson for Edinburgh Greens, said:

“Safety must be the top priority, of course, but it beggars belief that, 2 days after Oxgangs was closed, here we are, once again, telling parents at tea time that their school is closed the next day. How on earth parents are meant to make alternative arrangements with such short notice, especially for those young people at Braidburn who often have very specialist needs?

“On the face of it, it looks like something has gone badly wrong with the way these private school building contracts have been handled, both in building and in ongoing maintenance, that such rushed action has had to be taken. Once any emergency work is completed it is crucial that responsibility for these failings is established.”