Scotland can be better: Holyrood can be bolder – with more Green MSPs

With a surge in membership to over 9000, and poll ratings that indicate a significant increase in share of vote, the Scottish Green Party have launched their most ambitious election campaign yet with the bold theme of ‘Scotland Can’. 

Setting out the campaign with 6 key messages, the Scottish Greens will connect with the concerns of voters in Scotland in a way that promotes a greener, fairer, safer and more prosperous country for us all.

The 6 campaign messages are:

• Scotland can create 204,000 jobs
With more Green MSPs we can deliver 204,000 jobs in clean, green industries; and we can help small businesses, social enterprises, and employee-owned ventures to flourish (1)

• Scotland can provide good homes for all
With more Green MSPs we can eradicate fuel poverty; raise standards in private housing; and make private rents affordable

• Scotland can unlock the power in our communities
We can push for real change in who owns and controls land; in community and public ownership of energy; and giving people the same rights as developers in planning decisions.

• Scotland can ban fracking once and for all
We can ensure that Scotland uses its powers in planning to ensure that unconventional gas extraction does not take place beside our homes, our shores and vital agricultural assets.

• Scotland can care for all our people
We can fight for a ‘Carers Wage’ which values people who care for young and old, and we can welcome people fleeing conflict abroad.

• Scotland can guarantee a future for our young people
We can open up college places and apprenticeships, and we can commit to a job, training or education for every school-leaver through a Scotland Guarantee

At the campaign launch at Òran Mór, Byers Road, Glasgow, Scottish Green Party Co-Convenor, Patrick Harvie MSP introduced MSP candidates and party spokespeople to party activists and supporters.  (2)

Patrick Harvie said:

“We believe that Scotland can be a better country for everyone who lives here and for a better Scotland, we need a bolder Holyrood.

We believe that Scotland can unlock the power of our communities to invest in jobs, health and the economy.  We believe that the Scottish Parliament can be so much bolder in meeting the ambitions of the people of Scotland.

The Scottish Greens have the people and the policies to make that happen. Our candidates have a solid track record of making a difference inside and outside Parliament.

We bring fresh, new, bold ideas to Parliament. We will work constructively with others who share our aims. Holyrood – and Scotland – needs a diverse politics and progressive champions to hold the Scottish Government to account.”

Scottish Green Party Elections & Campaigns Co-convenor and MSP Candidate, Sarah Beattie-Smith said:

“We are really excited about the momentum that is already building around our election campaign, and look forward to expanding on our key campaign themes in the coming weeks.

With our top team of MSP candidates, local co-ordinators, hundreds of branch volunteers and canvassers already active in every region of Scotland, we’re determined to get out the vote for a Greener Holyrood.”