Top Green Lothians Holyrood candidate Mark Ballard and Leith ward council candidate Chas Booth have announced their support for the Edinburgh residents due to hold a demonstration outside the Scottish Parliament tomorrow morning (Sat) over the continuing stench from Seafield Sewage works in Leith.

The group will hold a protest (from 10am) dressed as prisoners to signify their continued ‘imprisonment’ by the smell from Seafield. There have been problems caused by the sewage plant in the Leith Links area for the last few years with noxious smells and irritant gases, such as hydrogen sulphide, discharged into the area.

Labour’s Deputy Environment Minister Sarah Boyack had recently announced a £30 million plan to finance much needed improvements at Edinburgh’s Seafield sewage works. However, according to local residents, the pot of money is to cover all PFI sewage treatment works in Scotland, not just Seafield, so the work to fit covers to the primary tanks dealing with the sludge will not go ahead.

Mark Ballard said: “This environmental injustice is suffered by hundreds of Edinburgh residents, and it is simply not acceptable that it is allowed to continue. The Seafield Sewage works was supposed to be one of Scottish Water’s flagship PFI projects, and instead it has brought nothing but misery to local residents due to a lack of proper investment.”

Chas Booth, Green local council candidate for the Leith ward said: “No community should have to suffer this sort of problem, and I have every sympathy for the Leith residents who have been let down by a lack of investment in Seafield. I fully support them in their campaign efforts and would like to see the necessary investment made as quickly as possible.”