Selection process for 2017 council candidates

No sooner has the 2016 Holyrood election ended than the work for the next election in 2017 begins!

We are currently selecting candidates for the 17 council wards to be contested in Edinburgh in May 2017: elections in which we aim to defend our currently-held 5 wards and add quite a few more.

Selection is happening in different stages.  At the moment (May 2016) we are asking for nominations for those five currently-held wards and members will be balloted in June.

Then, over the summer, we will be calling for nominations for and balloting on another six wards where we think it is more likely that Green councillors will be elected.

Finally, a few months down the line we will balloting for the remaining six wards.

All members should have received a call for nominations on or shortly after 9 May.  Any queries to our returning officer on