SGP Annual Conference 2015


This coming weekend, Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October, the Scottish Green Party will be holding its largest ever annual conference.  This is a space for members to come together, shape policy, deliberate important questions, share learning and make connections to inform future progress.  You can still book your place online here, or alternatively there will be a limited number of tickets on the door.

If you’d like to travel through to Glasgow with other Edinburgh Greens you can find various opportunities listed here — or you can create your own.

On the Friday evening there will be a social for party members complete with live music, a buffet, a raffle, and a warm welcome to Glasgow.  It’s a perfect introduction to the weekend for old and new members alike.  If you’d like to attend you can get your ticket for the social here.

As well as being the primary policy making body of the party, there will also be a large number of fringe events.  These include, to name but a few, events on Scotland’s role in the protection of refugees, Trident renewal, tackling poverty, the Scottish Women’s Network, transport emissions, Palestine, and TTIP.

There will also be internal meetings for those interested in or with questions for groups such as IT Greens, Faith Greens, the Association of Scottish Green Councillors, and others.

Creche facilities and a quiet room will both be available at the conference.

Book your place today!