Lothians Green MSP Mark Ballard today backed the ‘Save Our Old Town’ (SOOT) group in campaigning against the proposed Caltongate development.

The developers, Mountgrange, are today launching the plans to build a large international hotel on the site.

The proposed Caltongate Masterplan includes the demolition of 18 homes, two local shops and listed buildings, to be replaced by a branch of a large international hotel chain.

Mark Ballard MSP said, “This plan is for a new hotel development in an area which really needs good, affordable housing for the local community. The proposed Mountgrange development will come with no benefit to the local people who live here. The tenements are structurally sound yet the plan is to destroy them. Local community needs must be the focus for this area.”

Julie Logan SOOT Planning Officer said, “The developers continue to patronise the local people whose community will be destroyed by their plans. They have made no effort to engage or consult with us on the plans. There has been no planning approval for the demolition and the proposed hotel will be built on common good land without common consent, and will also see the destruction of listed buildings.”


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