Greens seek student backing

The Scottish Greens have made a final appeal for student votes as the Holyrood campaign enters its final hours.

Lothians candidate Alison Johnstone was joined by Edinburgh Young Greens convener Dominic Hinde at an event at Edinburgh University.

The Green Party has promised to support free education in the next Parliament, as well as investing in the low carbon industry to create graduate jobs and instituting a free universal insulation scheme.

Mr Hinde said: “We are out here today to ram home our three main election promises to students.

“Free education is the cornerstone of our campaign and warm, insulated flats will save students thousands and thousands of pounds over the course of their degree in energy bills.

“Our third and, in the long-term, probably most important pledge is to create a sustainable economy with skilled graduate jobs for Scottish students.

“At the moment, a large number of graduates from some of Scotland’s top universities have to leave Scotland to find work after they graduate to use the degrees they have and this isn’t what should be happening.

“In one sense it is a sign of the success of Scottish universities but it would be so much better if we could provide the jobs for them at home.”

An exclusive TNS-BMRB poll for STV showed the Green Party has increased its support on the regional list from 5% to 8% since the campaign began.

Ms Johnstone, who has been a member of the party since 1999, welcomed the poll and said she was confident the Greens` message is getting across to voters.

She said: “We believe that we have been a credible, radical alternative in Holyrood these past 12 years and we think it is vitally important that Scotland continues to have that strong Green presence in parliament, so we would urge everyone to second vote Green.

“The polls have been consistent, they have been very steady and they are increasing as we head towards that final finish line which we are delighted about.”