Let teachers speak, say Greens

Green MSP, Alison Johnstone has urged the City Council to let teachers voice their concerns about the direction of education services in the city.

Local newspaper, the Edinburgh Evening News backed Alison saying, “We must be thankful that city politicians like MSP Alison Johnstone are prepared to take a stand and reassure teachers they will listen to any of their concerns in the strictest confidence. After all, isn’t that exactly the job that we elected them to do?”

Alison said:

“These cuts to senior jobs are a bad move for Edinburgh’s education services, which is why Green councillors voted against them in February.

“The SNP/Lib Dem administration have not thought these changes through properly, and they have not properly considered the pressure this will place on schools.

“I understand that staff are contractually supposed not to raise their concerns with their local councillors, but I regard this as a profoundly undemocratic restriction.

“School staff who live in my ward have already spoken to me about the problems this move will cause, and I will guarantee anonymity to anyone else who wishes to discuss the situation with me.”

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