‘Tourist tax’ report unveiled

Edinburgh council has published its plans for the UK’s first ‘tourist tax’.

The new council report on a tourist tax – or transient visitor levy (TVL) – proposes a flat rate £2 per night charge per room, with a cap of seven nights.

Back in 2011, Green councillor Steve Burgess first secured council backing for TVL to raise revenue to invest in city services and physical improvements. Since then, other parties have come on board.  The plans will be debated at full council on 7 February; if backed by councillors, it will then be put to the Scottish Government.

Green councillor Claire Miller said:

“It’s over seven years now since my colleague Steve Burgess first won council backing for a tourist tax in the capital. So I’m pleased that the council is working towards the day when it will become a reality.

It is now time for Scottish ministers to recognise that the council wants it, the public gets it and the hospitality industry supports it.

She added:

“As well as now giving its backing the Scottish Government also needs to give firm guarantees that any money raised will be on top of existing funding.”