Green MSPs and Green Party Councillors will today join a show of support for Edinburgh Trams alongside other political parties and tram supporters at an event organised by Friends of the Earth in Edinburgh. (Dynamic Earth, 10am)

Greens say that modern trams provide a high quality, comfortable and rapid public transport solution embraced by most European capitals and is a key component of an integrated and sustainable transport policy for the city. The Green Party is the only political party with a sustainable transport policy in contrast to all the other main political parties in Scotland who support the expansion of major roads and airports. 

Green MSP for Lothians and Green Party Co-convener Robin Harper said: “Modern hi-tech trams are a 21st Century solution providing high quality, comfortable and rapid public transport across the city. This is part of the necessary move to a low carbon economy and delivering viable alternatives to the private car. That is what the frustrated motorist sitting in a traffic jam wants, and that’s what we want.

“This is the new politics in action. The SNP by necessity will need to present a budget to Parliament which commands cross-party support. We will work together constructively with the SNP administration on areas of common interest, but where we disagree we will hold true to our policy and stand by our principles.”

It is this type of transport policy difference which prevented Greens from signing a formal government Coalition or ‘Confidence and Supply’ agreement with the SNP, and led instead to the adoption of a political co-operation agreement to work together on areas of common ground. Greens are not bound by the agreement to vote with the SNP on any vote in the parliament.