Green plan to plant a tree for every child in Edinburgh

A tree could be planted for every child born or adopted in Edinburgh, if a new plan from Green councillors is adopted.

Green councillor Chas Booth has put forward a motion to next week’s Transport and Environment Committee, to look at the feasibility of such a scheme, which are common in many towns and cities across the world.

Chas said: “By linking the planting of trees to the birth or adoption of children, we are trying to create a connection and to foster understanding and appreciation of our environment among those children and their families.

“Similar schemes throughout the world, including in many towns and cities in the United States, have successfully planted thousands of trees and helped to foster environmental education and stewardship. We hope the city council will see the wisdom in this proposal.

“Trees help to foster a sense of community and contribute to thriving green spaces, which in turn have mental health and well-being benefits.

“Where there are a healthy mix of mature trees, neighbourhoods feel lifted. But in order to create the mature trees of tomorrow, we need to plant far more saplings today.”

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