Green councillor slams potential connection between tree loss and Christmas market

Green councillors have said that it would be “absolutely outrageous” if it turned out that the felling of trees in Edinburgh’s Princes Street Gardens was, even in part, driven by the needs of the commercial Christmas market and attractions in the gardens.

Around 50 trees were controversially felled two weeks ago as part of the National Galleries development programme. However, residents have today posted pictures on social media appearing to show platforms being put in place for Christmas activities where the trees used to be.

City Centre Green councillor Claire Miller said:

“This is becoming more and more murky. The case for tree removal, which has rightly angered so many people, was supposed to be about access paths for disabled people and opening up views. Whether that’s right or not, that is what planning committee was asked to take into account.

“Now the accusation is that the removal of trees has allowed commercial stalls or other Christmas attractions to be located on that part of the gardens in a way that would not be possible had the trees still been there. I am pursuing this point urgently with council officers but I have to say that, if it is even partly true then it is absolutely outrageous.”