Green Lothians MSP Mark Ballard and Greens’ energy speaker Shiona Baird MSP today visited the Edinburgh University Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installation at George Square. The system, one of the University’s three ‘energy centres’ costing £12m was at the centre of the University’s 2004 Green Energy Award for Best Environmental Initiative.

The University has reduced its CO2 emissions by 30% against 1990 levels, and is aiming to have a total reduction of 40% on 1990 levels by 2010.

Edinburgh University Rector Mr Ballard said, “This scheme shows how a well run institution can take real action to reduce its climate change emissions while reducing costs. The University, by generating power from the energy it uses to heat its buildings creates a much more efficient system – helping to both save money and tackle climate change. By installing these decentralised systems throughout our cities, we can make massive savings and a massive impact on reducing climate change emissions. There should be more support for communities that want to set up similar projects to reduce pollution – Edinburgh University and the city as a whole could really benefit from more initiatives like this one.” (1)



1. See details of the Greens’ Climate Challenge Fund here: _SET_CLIMATE_CHALLENGE_FOR_SCOTLAND.html