The Scottish Green Party today published a guide to effective voting in the Lothians.

The Greens argue that in 2003 the 65,102 regional votes cast for Labour were wasted with not one Labour MSP elected on the “list” system. If less than a fifth of those votes had gone to the Greens, a third Green Lothians MSP would have been elected.

The party points out that more Green votes are very likely to return more Green MSPs, whereas across Scotland regional votes for other parties have been wasted in large numbers both in 1999 and in 2003. Furthermore, a third Green MSP in Lothians will make a real difference once elected, by making the changes needed to build a low carbon economy and tackling climate change.

Robin Harper, top Green Lothians MSP candidate, explained:

“Although the maths of this election are complicated, the bottom line is that where a party has already elected several MSPs, regional votes for that party may well be wasted. In the Lothians, a regional vote for the Labour may literally make no difference to the outcome.

“Ironically, people used to say that a Green vote was a wasted vote, but under PR, more Green votes almost always elect more Greens and last time it was Labour votes that were wasted in large numbers in the Lothians.

“Not only will a Green vote really count, but Greens will genuinely make a difference rather than opting for business as usual. We will take a stand against aggressive supermarkets which are ruining small businesses, we will create a world-class public transport system and work to protect the city’s remaining green spaces.

“Whoever you back in your constituency, I urge you to first vote Green on the regional list if you want change, and if you want a greener and fairer Scotland .”


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