Leith Waterworld Stay of Execution won by Green Councillor

The sale of Leith Waterworld has been delayed by 6 months to allow a possible community buy-out, thanks to a Green councillor.

Councillor Steve Burgess tabled a motion at today’s full Council (2.2.12) arguing that the immediate sale of the pool be delayed, following an active campaign by the Splashback group.  The facility was closed in January after all parties, apart from the Greens, voted to pull the plug on it at the end of 2011.

Now, all councillors, with the exception of Conservatives, have backed the Greens’ efforts to give breathing space to local people to explore a potential community buy-out.

Local Green Candidate for Leith, Chas Booth, said:

“The closure of Leith Waterworld has angered many people locally and there is a sense of betrayal over the timing. So I am pleased that the Council has delayed the sale of the facility to allow all options to be examined.   In the circumstances, it really is the least the Council could do.”