Green MSP Robin Harper will meet a team of runners from the world’s longest relay run at the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday morning (12th September) at 11.30am.

The World Harmony Run, now an annual event, passes through more than 80 countries around the globe and touches hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Runners carry a flaming Olympic-style torch which is passed from hand to hand as a symbol of oneness, harmony and peace between individuals, communities and nations.

Anyone can participate in the run, by carrying the torch a few steps or a few miles, or even just by holding it and offering goodwill and a spirit of oneness. During their time on the road, the runners will stop off at schools, working with teachers and pupils across the country to share the ideals of world harmony in school curricula. They will also meet community groups and leaders to recognise their activities promoting goodwill at the grassroots level. The Run does not seek to raise money or promote any political cause; its aim is to strengthen international friendship.

Robin Harper said, “With schools and community groups in so many different countries being involved, the Run truly does link people together. The need for greater understanding across political, social and cultural borders has perhaps never been so great as it is today.”