Young Greens hit the Edinburgh campaign trail

Edinburgh’s Young Greens today launched their own bid to convince students to give their second vote to the Scottish Greens.

With exams just around the corner, the Lothian Greens’ student members have pledged to visit thousands of student residences before the poll in two weeks’ time.

Scottish Greens have made keeping education in Scotland free a key part of their campaign, and have publically backed NUS Scotland’s commitments on funding and supporting students.

Convener of the Edinburgh Young Greens, Dominic Hinde said:

“We’re not doing this so we can climb the political ladder or carry the first minister’s briefcase. We’re doing it because the Greens stand for the kind of social progress that will be of benefit to young people and won’t leave us high and dry in twenty years’ time.”

Lead Lothian candidate Alison Johnstone said:

“I’m so impressed with the passionate and thoughtful way our student members are taking these issues to the electorate – especially at such a busy time for their studies.

“They are the ones who are going to have to pick up the pieces of a trashed environment, a wrecked economy and untenable inequality unless we are prepared to act now. They’re showing a long term vision for Scotland that puts some of the establishment politicians to shame right now.”