Craigmillar and Niddrie – Living Well Locally

Edinburgh Council want to hear your views on the High Street on Niddrie Mains Road as well as the local faciltiies and greenspaces in the local area. Deadline for submissions is Friday 7 July 2023.

Actions to deliver Edinburgh’s City Mobility Plan

Edinburgh Council want to hear you views on proposals and priorities set out in the Action Plans that support the delivery of the City Mobility Plan to 2030 and Our Future Streets framework. Deadline for submissions is 9 July 2023.

Visitor Levy for Edinburgh

Edinburgh Council are looking for views on plans to introduce a Visitor Levy, otherwise known as a tourist tax. Deadline for responses: 19 February 2024

George Street and First New Town Design Project

Edinburgh Council Consultation Hub

Consultation on the George Street and First New Town project and the design of the cross streets of North Castle Street, Frederick Street and Hanover Street (North). Deadline for responses: 8 February 2024

Draft Climate Ready Edinburgh Plan

Edinburgh Council Consultation Hub

This plan sets out what the council is doing and planning to do to adapt the city and is seeking your views on the plan. Deadline 6 May 2024.

Overprovision of licensed premises

Edinburgh Council Consultation Hub

The Licensing Board is carrying out an assessment of whether there is overprovision of licensed premises (in relation to the sale of alcohol) in the Edinburgh Council area. Deadline 13 May 2024.