The Scottish Greens have 2 MSPs for the Lothian region: Alison Johnstone and Andy Wightman.

Alison Johnstone

Alison Johnstone

Alison Johnstone was first elected to represent the Lothians in the Scottish Parliament in 2011. Since then, Alison has tirelessly brought a voice to those seeking a fairer and more sustainable Scotland. It’s little surprise that Scotland thinks the Scottish Green Party has done a better job in opposition than any other party.

Alison has held the government to account on social justice, land reform, climate change, pollution, nuclear disarmament and cleaner transport to name but a few areas.

She’s pioneered the right of fans to buy their football clubs, made warm homes a National Infrastructure Priority, pursued a permanent ban on fracking and coal gasification, and worked to increase powers for Scotland through the Devolution Committee.

And at every turn she’s stood up for local residents, whether tenants facing eviction in Leith, householders threatened by over-development at Meggetland, or city centre residents suffereing from inaction on air pollution.

In 2016 Alison stood for reelection in Lothian and, with an increased Green vote by almost a third, was returned.

Today Alison is the Health & Sport, Social Security, Children & Young People spokeperson for the Scottish Greens at Holyrood. Read more about her work on her Scottish Greens page here.

You can contact Alison at .


Andy Wightman

Andy Wightman

Andy is Scotland’s foremost land and democracy researcher, commentator and campaigner. And as of May 2016 he’s also a Scottish Green MSP.

It’s now 20 years since Andy published his first book ‘Who Owns Scotland’, which along with his latest book, The Poor Had No Lawyers’, helped to propel the issue of land reform into the mainstream.

From the difficulty communities face in buying out absentee landlords, to the lack of rights tenant farmers hold, to derelict land in cities being left untaxed (costing £300 million a year and incentivising companies to leave land undeveloped), this is an issue that impacts every person in our country.

Today Andy continues to be a leading voice of the growing movement for land reform across Scotland. He uses this position to call on the Scottish Government to go much further in tackling these injustices than it currently plans.

Andy also represented the Scottish Green Party in the Commission on Local Tax Reform, where he was a key figure in the campaign to abolish the unfair, outdated and regressive Council Tax.

Today Andy is the Local Government, Communities, Housing & Land Reform spokesperson for the Greens at Holyrood. Readmore on Andy’s Scottish Greens page here.

You can contact Andy at