Party Structure

Party structure

So where does Edinburgh Greens fit in with the Scottish Green Party as a whole?

Edinburgh Greens is a branch of the Scottish Green Party (SGP). SGP is run by a series of committees and working groups, overseen by the SGP Council, SGP Executive and the membership via General Meetings. Elections for the various bodies are held every year and members are encouraged to stand for positions which interest them.


SGP Executive

The Executive is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Party, as well as implementing organisational and election strategy. It is chaired by the Party’s Co-Leaders and the co-conveners of all other committees sit on the Executive.

SGP Council

SGP Council is responsible for the strategic direction of the Party as well as coordinating and facilitating cooperation between various branches.

Elections and Campaigns Committee (ECC)

The ECC is responsible for developing elections strategy; coordinating and running elections and other campaigns; developing a general campaigning strategy; supporting branches in local elections.

International Committee

The International Committee is responsible for liaising with international bodies and ensuring that SGP is represented on those bodies, and keeping the party informed of developments involving our international partners.

Policy Committee

This committee is responsible for developing and co-ordinating detailed policy positions for the Party; identifying and proposing solutions for policy gaps; presenting policy to the SGP and the public.

Standing Orders Committee (SOC)

SOC is responsible for maintaining the Constitution; advising on the interpretation of Standing Orders for branches, members and committees; determining the agenda of Conference; overseeing candidate selection.

Conduct and Complaints Committee

The Conduct and Complaints Committee is the body of the SGP responsible for handling formal complaints against the conduct of party members, as well as being responsible for maintaining the Code of Conduct for members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of all membership issues within the Party as well as supporting branches with implementation and training.

Representative Groups

There are a number of Representative Groups within the Party. All members can join a Rep Group, and these allow like-minded people to have a larger say over Party issues. Rep Groups sit on the SGP Executive. Current Rep Groups are the Women’s Network, Disabled Greens and Rainbow Greens

Special Interest Groups

There are a number of Special Interest Groups within the Party. These are groups of like-minded people, such as Green CND, who work together to further their particular interest within the Party, but who do not have formal representation on SGP Executive.