Amanda Grimm

Candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh

Amanda Grimm is the Green candidate for Edinburgh East and Musselburgh in the 2024/2025 General Election.

I live in Musselburgh and work in Edinburgh East, as a researcher for a Green MSP at the Scottish Parliament.

We need real change at Westminster. I can’t sit back and watch as the main parties roll back on climate commitments, devastate our public services, and stir up hatred within our communities. I want to get Green ideas, policies and values into the debate. 

The UK is the sixth wealthiest country in the world, but for too many it doesn’t feel that way. Decades of Tory governments have worsened inequality and brought our public sector to its knees. Labour promises little change, refusing to cap bankers’ bonuses or bring in wealth taxes. The SNP council tax freeze means less local services for communities in Scotland. 

Different choices are possible. The Scottish Greens stand for greener, fairer policies that make life better for the majority and protect our shared planet, instead of concentrating wealth and power at the very top.

Voting Green sends a message to other parties: people want change and are willing to vote for it. We want real action on the climate emergency, with everyone supported through the transition. We want to share the wealth that already exists. In Edinburgh East and Musselburgh there is huge demand for investment in social and affordable housing; insulation and low-carbon heating; local green spaces and efficient public transport; health and social care; leisure centres and libraries; and natural flood management. 

With Labour set to be the next UK Government on the basis of English votes alone, in Scotland we can vote for our values. How else will we get the change we so desperately need? 

I’m meeting with communities around Edinburgh East and Musselburgh; you can get in touch at, or find me on Facebook or X