Anne Scott

Candidate for Drum Brae / Gyle

Anne Scott

Anne Scott is co-convenor of the Edinburgh Greens and was the Green candidate for Drum Brae / Gyle ward in the 2022 Council Elections.

Anne grew up in Edinburgh and has lived in the west of the city for over 20 years, where she is now raising her young family with her husband.

She is an active member of her local school parent council and has a particular interest in education, the arts, wellbeing and the transition to a greener, fairer economy. She is a keen runner, and supports active travel for physical and mental wellbeing.

Having spent 25 years in the financial sector, Anne currently works for a global investment company and is a keen advocate for diversity across industry, working with local and industry bodies to increase gender diversity, as well as increased opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Anne believes we need Green voices at all levels of decision making and that the Scottish Greens are the only party that puts our planet before short term profit.