Cameron Glasgow

Candidate for Livingston

Cameron Glasgow

Cameron Glasgow is the Green candidate for Livingston in the 2024/2025 General Election.

Livingston can be at the heart of Scotland’s green industrial revolution and as the first Scottish Green MP for Livingston, I would be determined to see our town take that place.

I joined the Scottish Greens to help campaign for a fairer, greener town. I had seen the lack of political leadership within the town and I wanted to make a difference.

Climate action has to be put on the agenda, and we demand action from the Westminster parties. We need to see action now, not whenever Labour or the Tories can be bothered.

I want to bring young people to the forefront of my campaign and challenge the Westminster parties’ continued support for climate and worker exploitation.

Workers are being exploited across Britain and none more so than those under 25. Labour and the Tories want to pay under 25s less than the minimum wage and have committed to keeping this anti-worker policy in place. I want to scrap this ageist policy along with the horrific zero-hours contracts that many young workers are on across the country.

The time for climate justice and workers’ rights is now, and I would be proud to demand these changes at Westminster.