Carole Racionzer

Candidate for Whitburn and Blackburn

Carole Racionzer

Carole Racionzer is the Green candidate for Whitburn and Blackburn in the 2022 Council Elections.

West Lothian has been my home for 18 years. Having volunteered for a variety of charities over many years, I understand how important local voices are and the strength of local communities driving change. I have worked with various West Lothian based charities including Homestart, Eczema Outreach Scotland, Burgh Beautiful, Refugee Action Scotland, Transition Linlithgow and most recently on the board of a Community Development Trust.

My professional background is in social policy, HR, training and administration.

I’m committed to tackling climate change in the community and enjoy promoting climate action projects ranging from a tool library, to ebikes, reuse/repair initiatives and local food production.

I like combining my passion for environmental issues with supporting individuals, in a caring and open-minded way, as well as looking for ways to develop and grow organisations so that they thrive and succeed.

I am standing as a Scottish Green candidate to ensure people in Whitburn and Backburn can show their support for a bolder, more urgent local response to the climate and environmental crises that will affect us all.