Gavin Corbett

Councillor for Fountainbridge / Craiglockhart

Cllr Gavin Corbett

Gavin Corbett has been Green councillor for Fountainbridge-Craiglockhart since 2012. Originally from Ayrshire, Gavin has lived in the area, with his family since 1991 and has been very active in the community over that time.

Alongside his councillor role he has worked for housing charity Shelter Scotland for many years. At present he is city canal champion and works with a number of neighbourhood projects on improvement activities.

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Twitter: @gavincorbett
Facebook: @gavin.corbett.336

Blog posts

Trialling Universal Basic Income

Over the last two years Green councillors Gavin Corbett and Allan Young have been part of a 4-council partnership looking at how Universal Basic Income might work in Scotland. With the final draft report published today, they argue for Scotland to take the next step.